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Vehicle Test Bench  

ACD-3T/10T/15T/18T vehicle test bench (hereinafter referred to as the test bench) is suitable for speed test and durability test of various types of automobiles with rated bearing mass not greater than 3T, 10T, 15T, 18T, and can meet the test of front-wheel drive vehicles Require.

When test the vehicle, put the driving wheel of the inspected vehicle on the roller of the test bench, and the rotating wheel drives the roller to rotate. The rotational speed sensor installed on the test bench converts the rotational speed of the roller into a pulse signal, and then calculates the outer circle of the roller through the electric meter. The linear velocity of the surface, and the data value is displayed. Test data can be saved, edited and generate report to print out.

The test bench is mainly composed of a host table, a lift device, a sensor, a control system, an industrial computer, a computer display, and a printer.

Main parameters

Name/Model ACD-3T ACD-10T ACD-15T ACD-18T
Rated load bearing mass( kg)


10000 15000 18000
Speedometer inspection range(Km/h) 0~120


0~120 0~120

Use air pressure(Mpa)

0.7~0.9 0.7~0.9 0.7~0.9


Solenoid valve power supply

AC 220 V  50 Hz AC 220 V  50 Hz AC 220 V  50 Hz

AC 220 V  50 Hz

Roller size (d×l(mm)) Φ190×850 Φ190×1150 Φ190×1150 Φ320×1350
Roller inner width × outer width(mm) 700×2400 700×3000 700×3000 700×3400
External dimensions(d×l(mm))  3000×770   3600×770 3600×770 4200×1050


Main functions

  • According to the testing requirements, it can be adapted to the testing requirements of the working condition method.
  • All vehicle loading decelerate working condition method detection.
  • Measure the time and distance the car takes to glide at a given speed.
  • Measure the time and distance the car takes to accelerate at a given speed.
  • Vehicle speed test.
  • Vehicle mileage test.
  • Measure the rated torque working condition.
  • Measure the rated power working condition.
  • Measure the output power of the chassis at constant speed.
  • Measure constant torque chassis output power.
  • Measure tire output power.
  • The power can be tested at multiple speed points, and the speed relationship curve can be displayed.
  • Anti-drag experiment of chassis (rack) power loss.
  • It can detect fuel consumption/electricity consumption per 100 kilometers (additional fuel consumption meter/electricity consumption meter).
  • Vehicle pollutant emission detection (replacement emission detector).

Note: The support of this vehicle test bench is customized on demand, please contact us for details.


Application Scene

It can be used in testing stations (with diagnostic ccanner), vehicle factories, schools, driving schools, etc.