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4G Series

4G on-board OBD terminal can be applied to both voltage 12V passenger vehicles and voltage 24V commercial vehicles, mainly used in logistics transportation, construction engineering, cold chain transportation, tourism leasing and enterprise fleet and other industries of vehicle data operation management, the equipment has dustproof, earthquake, fall prevention, support the continuous and stable work in the construction environment.

It can be applied to the data operation and management of vehicles in logistics transportation, construction engineering, cold chain transportation, tourism leasing, government enterprise motorcade and other industries. The equipment is dust-proof, shockproof and fall proof, and supports continuous and stable work in the construction environment of construction projects.

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  • Vehicle operation data reading: obtain vehicle data through the vehicle OBD16 interface bus signal, including fuel consumption, speed, mileage, gear position, fault, working status of each system, etc., customized according to customer needs.
  • Location information acquisition: Obtain vehicle positioning information through the GPS module.
  • Communication network: realize data upload and server instruction processing through 4G module.
  • Communication interface: A variety of communication interfaces with the host computer or integrated master control terminal can be added, such as RS232/Bluetooth, etc.
  • G-Sensor: Get the balance state, tilt angle, acceleration and other data of the car.
  • Storage module: store the vehicle operation data and location information, which is convenient for query or delayed reporting under special circumstances.


Product Name4G on-board OBD terminal
Product ModelIDC-GP
Structural ParametersSize96*70*32mm (LxWxH) 
IP dust-proof, shockproof 
and anti-drop
Characteristic ParameterOperating VoltageDC9V~50V
Operating Current≤150mA
Dormancy Current≤10mA
Operating Temperature-30℃~70℃
Storage Temperature-40℃~85℃

Car Brands Coverage

Supports tens of thousands of car models from more than 120 car brands.Including all popular models in America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and China.


Some Application Scenarios

Vehicle data reading, storage, 4G/Bluetooth transmission, GPS tracking, etc.

Case: Fleet management for companies.