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PRO8 uses an 8-inch high-definition touch screen, a professional car diagnostic tool with powerful diagnostic functions.

  • General functions: All-system diagnosis, Read DTC, Clear DTC, Read Datastream, Active Test, Special functions,etc.
  • Individual special functions: Key programming, BMS Reset, DPF regeneration, EPB, Fuel injection coding, Odometer adjustment, oil reset, Steering Angle Sensor Adjustment, TPMS reset, Throttle sensor relearn.
  • Support the diagnosis of all systems, not just the engine system, including ABS, SRS, braking system, emission system, fuel system, tire pressure monitoring system, etc.
  • Complete OBDII function, engine safety detection: read DTC, clear DTC, read I/M, read data stream, freeze frame data, read vehicle information, O2 sensor test, etc.
  • Languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Polish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Finnish.


  • Operating system: Android
  • Display size: 8 inches
  • Memory: 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM
  • Battery: 1000 mAh
  • Communication: WiFi&Bluetooth
  • Interface: TF, USB, HDMI, DC
  • Size: 260*117*32mm

Application Scene