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RV100 support reading data of OBDII standard protocol and custom protocols of various car manufacturers.

mainly used for traffic police law enforcement, vehicle administration inspection, etc

Support OEM, please contact us for details.


                          Name   Terminal 1                                      Terminal 2
Structural ParametersSize121*95*32mm(LxWxH)73*55*31mm (LxWxH)
IP dust-proof,shockproof and anti-drop / 
Characteristic ParameterVoltageDC6V~42VDC6V~42V
Current≤150mA   ≤150mA
Operating Temperature-30 ℃~70 ℃-20°C ~70°C


  • Read basic vehicle information, such as brand, year, frame number VIN, etc.
  • Read vehicle fault information, etc.
  • Support professional diagnostic data and algorithms of tens of thousands of car models of more than 120 mainstream brands (including sub-brands) in the market.
  • Support OEM, please contact us for details.

Car Brands Coverage

Supports tens of thousands of car models from more than 120 car brands.Including all popular models in America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and China.


Some Application Scenario

Case:Traffic police law enforcement, vehicle management.