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Company overview:


Shenzhen Leoscan Tech Co., Ltd

A Professional Supplier for Vehicle Diagnostic Tool and Vehicular Networking Solution.

Leoscan Technology is hi-tech company that develop, manufacture and sell auto diagnostic scan tool and

vehicular networking solution.

Our company is with an experienced software and hardware developing team, especially with strong research

and developing ability in vehicle diagnostic software developing, CAN bus protocol,wireless network, control

unit field, we are working under Loonray Group of it’s Internet of Things,base on the group platform, we are

having a close tech-communication with Beihang University Shenzhen Academy. Most of our engineers worked

in the well-known companies who specializes in vehicle diagnostics.

We offer solutions and tech-support for vehicle data monitor, vehicle data management, vehicle diagnosis

and vehicular networking, etc, of all related projects.

Leoscan provides car diagnostic tools  as well as car diagnostic solutions for clients all around the world.

We already have stable relationship with distributors in Europe,America,Australia.With great quality and services,

Leoscan products now  are very popular in many countries

Don’t hesitate to contact us any time is you have an idea for your vehicle diagnosis or vehicular networking,

we would be glad to serve you with our advanced technology, creative ideas,  excellent products and reliable

and professional team.

Company Positioning

  • Providing professional, efficient and latest auto diagnostic system for professional automotive aftermarket.
  • Providing smart, useful, simple and value-added internet of vehicle solutions for individuals and enterprise

Applications and Solutions

For professional automotive aftermarket

  • Providing professional auto diagnostic systems for workshops and dealers
  • Developing and making OEM diagnostic tools for car manufacturers
  • Providing solutions for auto diagnostic after-service, sales and customer management system for dealers,

chain store workshops or any individual companies need this kind of service systems in automotive

aftermarket business sector

Internet of vehicle— for car owner

  • Providing smart, useful and simple internet of vehicle solutions for individuals, helping you to know your car

better, increasing the safety when you driving on the road, reminding you to maintain or repair your car in

time and saving your money and time.

Internet of vehicle— for enterprises

  • Providing customized internet of vehicle solutions at your needs, which apply to dealers, government institutions

or government companies fleets, car insurance companies , big operators or driving schools, etc. helping you

to make more money, save your operation cost and time with our better and scientific fleet management solutions.

Company Philosophy

Our Vision:

Set up a efficient, convenient and fast cycle system for automotive aftermarket service with our professional auto

diagnostic and vehicle of internet technology.

Our Mission:

Customer and market needs oriented.

Our Value:

Making competitive and quality products to benefit our customer with our creative, honest, open, responsible values.

Our Purpose:

Servicing global automotive aftermarket with our— LEOSCAN professional auto diagnostic systems and internet

of vehicle solutions.