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ATS Series


ATS series intelligent terminal is a device specially designed for vehicle operation data collection. It can collect various data of vehicle operation, including OBD standard data and data customized by various car manufacturers. 

ATS can be applied to the data operation management of vehicles in driving training, fleet management, and other industries. 

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  • Collect various operating data of the car,such as vehicle speed, mileage, engine speed, steering wheel angle, clutch status, clutch status, wiper status, sports status, handbrake status, foot brake status, ACC key status, door, seat belt, accelerator pedal, High beam, speed, fog light, position light, reversing light, double flashing light, left turn signal, stone turn signal, gear position, oil level, fuel consumption, horn, battery voltage, etc…
  • Plug and play, easy installation.
  • No need to remove stitches, avoiding safety hazards.
  • Car end power supply, power supply to other devices.
  • Convenient connection, various interface methods.
  • Customized development, various expansion capabilities.


Product NameATS series intelligent terminal
Product ModelATS-SP
Structural ParametersSize103*66*32mm (LxWxH) 
IP dust-proof,shockproof and anti-drop
Characteristic ParameterVoltageDC8V~32V
Operating Current≤150mA
Dormancy Current   / 
Battery   / 
Operating Temperature-30℃~70℃
Storage Temperature-40℃~85℃

Car Brands Coverage

Supports tens of thousands of car models from more than 120 car brands.Including all popular models in America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and China.

Some Application Scenarios

Vehicle data reading, monitoring, etc.

CaseDriving training industry.

We provide “driving monitoring system” through OBDII interface to obtain mileage, speed, rotation speed, clutch, headlight, running light, wind wiper, steering angle, forward/reverse status, handbrake , foot brake, auxiliary brake, gear and other data fault information, fuel consumption, fuel quantity, warning, etc. The solution is used to analyze and correct students’ driving habits to improve their learning efficiency and to optimize the management of the driving school’s fleet and coaches.


Case:Fleet management.

The solution is a set of vehicle positioning, echelon management, information sending and receiving system, which is suitable for official vehicles, enterprise fleet, engineering fleet, logistics and transportation fleet and other industries.

On the one hand, improve the use efficiency of official vehicles and reduce the operation cost of official vehicles. 

On the other hand, for speeding, overloading, violation of traffic regulations, fatigue driving, blind area accidents and other early warning, to prevent before coming.