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GTS600 is a professional car diagnostic instrument with built-in printer, users can print test results anytime, anywhere.



  • Covering More Than 120 Major Car Brands: such as BENZ, BMW, VW, Audi, Renault, Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Hyundai, Kia,etc.
  • Full System Diagnostics: including Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS, Chassis system, Body system, Door system, Suspension system,etc.
  • Full Functions: Read Version Information, Read DTCs&Clear DTCs, Read Live Data, Bi-Directional Control (Active Tests), Special Functions.
  • Service Functions: such as BMS Reset, DPF, EPB, Fuel Injection, Key Programming, Odometer Adjustment,Oil Reset, Steering Angle, SuzukiImmo(Optional), TPMS Reset, Throttle sensor.
  • Full OBDII Functions: Read Fault Codes, Erase Fault Codes, Read I/M Readiness, Read Data Stream, Powertrain Freeze Frame Data, Request Vehicle Information, O2 sensor test, On-board monitor test,etc.
  •  Support online upgrade and Bluetooth wireless communication.


  • Multiple Languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Polish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Finnish.

App Functions

  • Diagnostic: The Diagnostic includes all system modules of the entire vehicle and major global Car Brands , covering America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and China.
  • VCI: The vehicle communication intelligent connector is used to access and obtain vehicle data information, including VCI Bluetooth connection function and lower computer program upgrade.
  • Update: Manage car software upgrades. The user can update the car diagnostic software through manual selection and automatic selection. 
  • Demo: Enable users to perform special functions, such as BMS reset, DPF, EPB, fuel injection, key programing, etc.
  • History: Manage historical records, such as recording the information of tested vehicles, operation path, detection system, detection time, etc. 
  • Member: Manage user information, such as user account information, user VCI information, and application information. 
  • Settings: The user selects the language, font size, unit, server regional settings, etc.
  • Feedback&FAQ: User’s online feedback and FAQ description. 


NameTablet Computer     VCI
OSAndroid        / 
Display5.5″ HD,720×1280       /
CPU1.3GHz Quad core        /
Memory1+8GB / 2+16GB       /
Camera500W       /
Battery5200mAh       /
Printer58mm       /
Weight650g    60g
Operating Temperature-20°C ~ 60°C-20°C ~ 70°C

Car Brands Coverage

Supports tens of thousands of car models from more than 120 car brands.Including all popular models in America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and China.


Application Scenarios

Some user application scenarios.