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GTS600 is a professional car diagnostic instrument & printer with built-in printer, users can print test results anytime, anywhere.



  • Has a built-in printer.
  • Supports all-system diagnosis.
  • Supports all functions including general functions and special functions.
  • General functions: Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read Datastream, Active Test, special functions,etc;
  • Individual special functions: BMS Reset, DPF, EPB, Fuel Injection Coding, Key Programmer, Odometer Adjustment, Oil Reset, SAS Adjustment, TPMS Reset, Throttle sensor Relearn, SuzukiImmo, ect.
  • Records and plays back live data.
  • Frequent and fast online update.
  • Supports WIFI and Bluetooth.
  • Languages: Languages supported: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, New Zealand, Japanese, Polish , Bulgarian, Finland and ect.


  • Operating system: Android 6.0
  • processor: ARM Cortex-A7,4 Core 1.3GHz
  • Memory: 1+8GB ROM
  • Display: 5.5″ HD,1280×720,IPS
  • Printer: 58mm
  • Battery: 3.7V/5200mAh
  • Charge port: USB, Charging base
  • Size: 21.7×8.9×5.8cm
  • Weight: 650g
  • Camera: 500w

Application Scene