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GTS600 is a professional car diagnostic instrument with built-in printer, users can print test results anytime, anywhere.




  • All major car brands:supports all popular car models from Asia,Europe,America,Australia and China.

  • All system diagnosis:such as engine, airbag, SRS, TCM, etc.

  • All function:version information,Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read Datastream, Action test, Special functions . 

  • Special functions:BMS Reset, DPF, EPB, Fuel Injection Coding, Key Programmer, Odometer Adjustment, Oil Reset, Steering Angle Sensor Adjustment, TPMS Reset, Throttle sensor Relearn, SuzukiImmo,etc. 

  • Support online upgrade and Bluetooth wireless communication. 

  • Multiple languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Polish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Finnish.

 APP Functions

  • Diagnostic :The diagnosis includes all system modules of the entire vehicle and major global auto manufacturers, covering America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and China.
  • VCI:The vehicle communication intelligent connector is used to access and obtain vehicle data information,including VCI Bluetooth connection function and lower computer program upgrade.
  • Update:Manage car software upgrades. The user can update the car diagnostic software through manual selection and automatic selection.
  • Demo:Enable users to perform special functions, such as BMS reset, DPF, EPB, fuel injection coding, key programmer, etc.
  • History:Manage historical records, such as recording the information of tested vehicles, operation path,detection system, detection time, etc.
  • Member:Manage user information, such as user account information, user VCI information, and application information.
  • settings:The user selects the language, font size, unit, server regional settings, etc.
  • Feedback&FAQ:User’s online feedback and FAQ description.


Name/Diagnostic ToolTablet ComputerVCI
OSAndroid 5.1
Display5.5″ HD,1280×720,IPS/
CPUARM Cortex-A7,4 Core 1.3GHz/
Memory1+8GB ROM(Support external extension SIM)/
Camera500w,With flash, auto focus/
PrinterPrinting speed is greater than 60mm/s/



Weight650g 50g
Operating temperature-20°C ~ 60°C-20°C ~ 70°C

Car Brands Coverage

Support professional diagnostic data and algorithms of tens of thousands of car models of more than 120 mainstream brands (including sub-brands) in the market.Including all popular models in America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and China.


Application Scenarios

Some user application scenarios