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New Energy Vehicle Test Bench

The new energy vehicle test bench NEV-TB100 is mainly used for the detection of core automotive components (such as: VCU, MCU, high-voltage auxiliary controller), equipped with display, industrial computer, test fixture, DC power supply, multimeter, printer, CAN test with signal Control terminals and other necessary test tools and modules, accessories can be customized according to requirements.

In order to ensure the quality of the car, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive functional tests in multiple links (such as incoming quality inspection, off-line inspection, after-sales maintenance, etc.). This new energy vehicle test bench not only involves the software and hardware function testing of the DUT itself, but also involves the corresponding test process management, which greatly improves the quality assurance testing efficiency of the production line of the automobile factory.

Main workflow: use the connector of the test fixture to connect the DUT, the test bench simulates the operating environment of the DUT (including powering the DUT), and the test module detects whether the pin output function of the DUT is normal, whether the CAN communication function is normal, and whether other functions are normal. , cooperate with the test software integration system to realize the automatic test process.



Functions and Features

  • Fault Tests.
  • Automatic Test.
  • CAN Test. 
  • Signal Test.
  • Test record.
  • System Settings.
  • Operation description.
  • Support hardware and software customization.

Application Scene

car factory

Case: A Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.

We use test fixtures, industrial computers, etc. to cooperate with test software to integrate the system and realize the process and process management of automated testing for the car factory, and conduct comprehensive fault tests on the VCU, MCU, and high-voltage auxiliary core components of the car, including: Working status , electrical parameters, motor control messages, brake switch control messages, fast charging contactors, PTC contactors and many other test categories. Greatly improved the efficiency of the car factory’s off-line inspection and the quality of the factory.