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ATS Series

ATS series intelligent terminal is a device specially designed for car operation data collection. It can collect various data of car operation, including OBD standard data and data customized by various car manufacturers.


  • Power supply: Car end power supply 
  • Interface: OBD interface 
  • Communications :serial port/Bluetooth 
  • Use: Plug and play 
  • Customize: Support customization 
  • Size :204*146*78mm 


  • Collect various operating data of the car, such as vehicle speed, mileage, engine speed, steering wheel angle, clutch status, clutch status, wiper status, sports status, handbrake status, foot brake status, ACC key status, door, seat belt, accelerator pedal, High beam, speed, fog light, position light, reversing light, double flashing light, left turn signal, stone turn signal, gear position, oil level, fuel consumption, horn, battery voltage, etc…
  • Plug and play, easy installation.
  • No need to remove stitches, avoiding safety hazards.
  • Car end power supply, power supply to other devices.
  • Convenient connection, various interface methods.
  • Customized development, various expansion capabilities.

Application Scene

Driving training industry

In the past, the driving test system often used the method of disconnecting the wires to collect driving data information, which caused great damage to the car itself, and the lines were complex and messy, with serious potential safety hazards and great interference to students. This device uses the OBD interface to obtain it. Driving data, no need to disassemble and assemble additional scattered lines, it is more convenient to obtain the necessary driving test reference data such as speed, mileage, engine speed, gear position, accelerator and brake status, light status, door and seat belt status. Provide accurate driving data for the simulated driving test system or the test system, so that the coach and the test system can timely and accurately understand the operation of the vehicle by the students.

Case:A Driving School In Shanghai

We provide “driving monitoring system” through OBDII interface to obtain mileage, speed, rotation speed, clutch, headlight, running light, wind wiper, steering angle, forward/reverse status, handbrake , foot brake, auxiliary brake, gear and other data fault information, fuel consumption, fuel quantity, warning, etc. The solution is used to analyze and correct students’ driving habits to improve their learning efficiency and to optimize the management of the driving school’s fleet and coaches.


 Fleet management

Case:An Express Co., Ltd.

The solution is a system integrating vehicle positioning, echelon management, information sending and receiving, etc. It is suitable for official vehicles, enterprise fleets, engineering fleets, logistics transportation fleets and other industries.

Management: vehicle scheduling, vehicle management, vehicle location, historical trajectory, mileage and fuel consumption, improve the efficiency of bus use, and reduce vehicle operating costs.

Safety: early warning of speeding, overloading, violation of traffic regulations, fatigue driving, blind spot accidents, etc