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RV100 supports accurate reading of VIN codes of various brands of vehicles. Support reading data of OBDII standard protocol and custom protocols of various car manufacturers.



  • Communication :Bluetooth.
  • Power supply: Car end power supply.
  • Size: 73X55X31mm(L x W x H).
    Weight: 60g.
  • Diagnostic interface: OBDII-16 PIN.
  • Indicator light: blue light (Bluetooth), red light (power), green light (communication).
  • Product life: 5+ years.


  • Read basic vehicle information, such as brand, year, frame number VIN, etc.
  • Read vehicle fault information, etc.
  • Support professional diagnostic data and algorithms of tens of thousands of car models of more than 120 mainstream brands (including sub-brands) in the market.
  • Support on-demand customization, please contact us for details.

Application Scene

 Case:Traffic police law enforcement, vehicle management.